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Constant Voltage Transformer
Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer(CVT) is composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output with a varying input. It helps to give an excellent protection to problems of unwanted elements present in the severe fluctuating mains supply. CVT provides an unparalleled reliability and conditioning performance, spikes and electrical noises are neutralized with attenuation as high as 75dB. Voltage fluctuation are efficiently handled because of this basic principle along with constant voltage output of 1% is given .

Features :

  • CVT can provide adequate power for your critical load.
  • Output changes with frequency of input
  • CVT will drive a wide range of power factor loads
  • Phase shift across the CVT varying with load
  • Built-in Short Circuit; Overload Protection Instantaneous correction
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection
  • Low electrical noise
  • Capacity
  • Designed with an Compact manner


Constant Voltage Transformers Technical Specification


250VA to 10000VA / 1 Phase


170V- 270V AC for 1 phase or As per Request


220 / 230 V+/- 1%. Or As per Request


50 HZ +/- 1


Above 90 %

Output Step load Response

2 cycles (30 to 40 milliseconds)


Up to +/- 1%

Output Waveform

True re protection of input

Wave form Distortion

5 %( approx) under full load conditions

Load Power factor

0.75 Lag to 0.9 Lead

Ambient Temperature

-5 C to 50 C

Transformer type

Ferro Resonant


Air cooled

Indications LED

Input on, output on


input fuse for short circuit protection


Digital Meter /Output Low& High voltage Cutoff


Ferro resonant type construction

Air cooled

Complete isolation between output and input

Compact design

Very low noise level


Computers, data processing equipment

FAX/TELEX machines.

Small-medium range EPABX systems electro

Medical equipment

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