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Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light

Across the world, Solar powered lighting is gaining momentum. With the latest technological advancements, solar street lighting system is being widely preferred as the best alternative for the illumination of streets, cross roads, forest area and buildings which are located in areas where electricity is not available.

SunRay, the reputed name in solar products, now brings highly efficient solar LED street lights to illuminate our life,with new found advantages.

By clearly assessing your particular needs, we assist and provide you with a well configured, efficient and reliable product, designed for your specific street lighting application.

SILENT FUTURES> DGS & D and MNRE approved models > Independent power sources > Controlled charging & discharging to prolong battery life > Automatic dusk to dawn operation > Highly reliable and best quality PV Modules > Eco-friendly (no fossil fuel, no pollution) > Designed to operate in rough weather conditions


Street Lighting > Roadway Lighting > Pathway Lighting > Ramp Lighting > Sidewalk Lighting > Private Road Lighting > Farm Lighting > Wildlife Area Lighting > Perimeter Security Lighting > Park Lighting


Specifications/Models SR 9W SSL SR 12W SSL SR 18W SSL SR 27W SSL SR 36W SSL
Module Capacity 45W 50W 75W 100W 125W
LED Luminary Capacity 9W 12W 18W 27W 36W
Battery Capacity 12V, C/10 40Ah 60Ah 75Ah 100Ah 120Ah
Pole Length 5.5m 5.5m 5.5m 5.5m 6m
BAttery Autonomy 44 Hours 55 Hours 43 Hours 3 Days Or Minimum 35 Operating Hours 3 Days Or Minimum 35 Operating Hours
Protections Load Side: Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Battery Side: Over Charging/Discharging, Reverse Polarity
PV Module: Reverse Current Flow Protection From Battery To Modules At Night
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We are the Manufacturer of Solar Street Light, our products are designed for enduring and trustworthy performance with minimum maintenance . The devices are designed for an array of physical and operational environments which makes them perfect for rural , suburban and metropolitan areas .

Application :

  • Our Products are used in
  • Roadway
  • Parking lot
  • Pathway
  • Power for Cameras & Transmitters.

Features :

  • Easy installation
  • No Wiring required
  • Installing is easy
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Low installation cost
  • Easily and quickly deployed in any location
  • NO wiring run from the grid
  • NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Utility bill
  • Maintenance Free Batteries
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