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Servo Stabilizer - Three Phase Oilcooled
Servo Stabilizer - Three Phase Oilcooled

We always Adopt latest technological innovations, we have been able to manufacture a precisely controlled range of Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer. These are fabricated using superior quality raw material and can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. Increasing and erratic load factors , long transmission lines , and many other factors make its task problematic along with customers consequently get voltages far too low to make their interconnected equipment functioning erratically or some instances far too high to burn them out . The automatic voltage stabilizer is the best ways to control the voltage fluctuations.

Advantages :

  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage.
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of unbalanced input.
  • Reduced heating and minimum losses.
  • Overall energy saving and reduction in electricity bills.
  • Reduction in breakdown of electrical / electronic equipments.
  • Increased life of bulbs, tubes, motors and other accessories.

Applications :

  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Telecom industries
  • Textile industries
  • IT industries & call centers
  • Research laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Escalators & elevators

Salient Features :

High efficiency & Fast response.

Wide input voltage range trip conditions.

99.99% failure proof control circuit.

No over under, shoots and hunting.

Built in bypass switch upto 100 Kva.

Less active component avoids failure ratings.

Special electronic circuit to operate on gensets.

No effect of power factor and frequency variations

Voltage at speed related to rate of fluctuations and avoids oscillations & hunting In ac motor drive.

Variable speed high torque ac servo motor proportionally controls corrections.

Separate isolated PCB for triac switching for motor.


Input and Output Low/high Voltage protection.

Phase rotation/single phasing preventer.

Input protection using mcb / mccb.

Output overload protection


  • Parameter: three phase aircooled

  • Capacity : 3 kva to 4000 kva

  • Input voltage range:

  • Range i :340 465v

  • Range ii :295 465v

  • Range iii :240 465v

  • Output voltage : 400 v 1% (adjustable)

  • Working temperature : 0 to 50 c

  • Efficiency : 98% at nominal load

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