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L&T Variable Frequency Drives

The Sx2000 is built to deliver powerful performance. It handles loads up to 75 kW (HD) / 90 kW (ND) – making it perfect for compressors, conveyors, machine tools, elevators, textiles, fans, pumps, plastic extruders, wire drawings, etc.


  • Single-Phase 230V – 0.75 to 3.7kW
  • Three-Phase 230V – 0.75 to 18.5kW
  • Three-Phase 415V – 0.75 to 90kW
  • IP66 Three-Phase 415V – 0.75 to 22kW


  • IP20 standard & IP66 Optional

Product Details:

  • V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip compensation
  • Starting Torque: 150% at 3 Hz for V/F, 200% at 0.5Hz for Vector Control
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus
  • Peer to Peer Communication to share I/O’s
  • Built-in Brake Control
  • Inbuilt PLC functionality
  • Component Life Monitor
  • Inbuilt PID
  • Multi Keypad
  • No Motor Detection
  • Built-in DC Reactor from 37kW to 90kW
  • Built-in Braking Chopper till 30kW
  • Dual rating operation:
  • Designed to be used for heavy and normal duty applications.

Overload capacity:

  • Heavy duty operation: 150% of rated current for 60 sec
  • Normal duty operation: 120% of rated current for 60 sec


  • Optional LCD keypad of Master drive enables to access every drive (Slave) connected via inbuilt RS485 communication so that the users adjust and monitor parameters easily.

P2P communication:

  • Peer to peer communication among the drives allows sharing any I/O via inbuilt RS485 communication. It might be useful in case of limited number of I/O points for a certain system


Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Input Phase Three Phase
Model Number SX2000 / 5.5kw
Input Voltage 380V – 480V
Output Power 415V
Brand L & T
Phase Three Phase
Model/Type SX2000
Condition New
Frequency (Kilo Hertz) 0 – 400
IP Rating IP20, IP40, IP65
Output Power (horse Power) 5.5KW
Output Type Single, Dual


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