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Single Phase Servo Stabilizer 3 kVA

Single Phase Servo Stabilizer 3kVA offered delivers O/P V regulation ± 1% of the nominal output voltage and comes with O/P V indication digital voltmeter with the accuracy of 1% of FS ± 1 digit. These feature LED indications in form of Input ON, output ON, Front panel LED Indicators, Input high / Low and for other operating consoles and provides for superior end usage. The system also features under/over voltage tripping using the electronic cutoff circuit that comes with graded time delay set of @ 5% / -10% of nominal voltage.


  • Electronic cutoff circuit that comes with graded time delay set at 110% of rated full load current
  • Comes with short circuit protection using HRC fuse / MCB at input
  • Comes with automatic restart with time delay mode
  • Suitable for O/P Voltage (normal) of 230 V, 415 V, 208 V, LN 220 V/230 V

Input Voltage Range:

  • Range i: 170- 270 V
  • Range ii: 190 V- 270 V
  • Range iii: 140 V – 260 V



Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Rating kVA 1kVA to 200 kVA
Correction Speed 35V/sec
Mode of System Mode of System
System Construction As per IS:9815
Response Time 10 milli sec
Servo Motor Drive Rugged AC step synchronous Motor
Type Automatic
Power 3kVA
Output Voltage 230V
Frequency (Hertz) 47 to 53 Hz
Brand Beta Power Control
Size L 300mm * W 430mm * H 330mm
Output Waveform True reproduction of Input
Efficiency (%) 98.5%
Type Of Cooling Natural Air-cooled


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