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Three Phase 20A Variable Auto Transformer

Three Phase 20A Variable Auto Transformer Beta power has been manufacturing & Supplying Variacs for the past ten years and has a strong support for OE buyers. Many valued customers have considered it fit to clarify our products as “top of the line”. It has full technical competency in handling all the technical requirements of clients. It is well supported by the state of the art winding machinery to give a consistent & accurate job. Needless to mention, a strong backup team with years of experience has put-high reliability in the product. Our Motto is “Customers Satisfaction leads to Good Quality” and our learning curve never ends. We are presently exporting our products to UAE, Tanzania.


  • Very high efficiency
  • Good voltage regulation
  • No wave from distortion
  • Rugged and compact construction
  • Continuous, step less and smooth control of output
  • High short time surge capacity


  • We are equipped with all Testing Equipment to ensure the quality of Variac Electricals. The company testing section has Testing Panel Board, HV Kit, Megere Test, Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Watts meter etc., which all are calibrated every year as per ISO norms.


  • Air Cooled flush mounting type
  • Air Cooled Servo and Box type
  • No wave from distortion
  • Oil Cooled Complete M.S Tank and without Tank
  • Single Phase, Two Phase, and Three Phase
  • Manually operated {Hand Driven} or Motorised types

Standard & Non-Standard Voltage Ranges:

  • Single Phase: Input 240 V, Output 0 to 270 V
  • Two Phase: Input 415 V, Output 0 to 470 V
  • Three Phase: Input 415 V, Output 0 to 470 V

Standard Current Ratings:

  • Air cooled types from 2Amps to 60Amps {However we recommend oil cooled types above 30Amps}
  • Oil cooled type from 2Amps to 600Amps.

Double Layer Dimmers:

  • For Servo controlled Voltage Stabilizers double layer dimmers can be used without separate Buck-Boost Transformers so as to achieve cost efficiency and compactness.
  • These are standardised viz. 1kva, 2kva, 3kva & 5kva suitable for input range: 170 to 270 V and output: 230 V


Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Power 20A
Input Voltage 415V
Output Voltage 0 -470V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled, Oil Cooled
Size L400mm *W400mm * H 600mm
Brand Beta Power Controls


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