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Trasfomer Rectifier
Trasfomer Rectifier

We are globally recognized as one of the best Rectifier Transformer manufacturers, suppliers. We are now highly equipped with first class reliable equipment and maintained by a high skilled and knowledgeable team of production workers who consistently ensure that every production activity factors in an adherence to the premium quality benchmarks established by the organization .

Almost all transformer rectifiers can be utilized in indoor and outdoor areas and are highly capable of supplying continuous , full-rated output at ambient temperatures of up to 60oC and ingress protection class up to IP55/ IP56 / IP65 . The input winding generally operates at very moderate Flux linkage levels . The output winding displays on intrinsic energy storage attribute this type of energy storage works in conjunction with mains capacitor to produce self-generated AC flux field that could be indirectly excited from the input windings . We check every product from various quality tests to satisfy the demand of the customer in the best possible manner. We never compromise on the quality of the product and follow all the necessary guidelines to meet the international standards.

Features :

  • No Semiconductors used
  • High reliability
  • No feedback control used
  • Intrinsic current limiting
  • Short circuit protection
  • Heavy loaded capacity
  • Energy storage
  • Higher input voltage control
  • Very high line transient
  • Timely Supply
  • High - Quality Products and Services
  • Continual Improvement
  • Work is Safety

All transformer rectifiers can be used in indoor and outdoor locations and are capable of supplying continuous, full-rated output at ambient temperatures of up to 60C and ingress protection class up to IP55/ IP56 / IP65.

Standard features of variety of AC voltage inputs, Single Phase/Three Phase, 50 or 60Hz, AC /DC High Energy lightning protection, waterproof, Stainless Steel, perforated screens, Silicon diodes protected by surge suppressors and current limiting breakers < 100 Amps or fuses, Heavy duty transformer with 15% over-design for reserve capacity, Heavy duty 11-gauge hot dip galvanized cabinet with Stainless Steel Hardware, Multi-strand, high temperature, insulated flexible wiring, All electrical connection hardware is Nickel Plated and double-nutted or soldered, DC circuit breakers, Meter switches, Anodized finish with clear coat for aluminum cabinets, Power-on indicator light, DC failure warning lights and Front and side opening doors for easy maintenance.

Type of CPTR Unit:

  • Air Cooled Transformer Rectifier Unit

For Normal Climate & Ambient Condition

Manual/Automatic Mode

DC Rating 20V/20A; 25V/25A; 25V/50A; 50V/75A; 50V/100A; 100V/150A; 150V/150A,etc.

  • Oil Cooled Transformer Rectifier Unit

For special climatic conditions such as high humidity and high ambient temperature

Manual/Automatic Mode

DC Rating 20V/20A; 25V/25A; 25V/50A; 50V/50A; 100V/100A; 100V/150A; 150V/150A, etc.

  • Explosion proof Transformer Rectifier Unit

For hazardous classified areas in explosion proof enclosures

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