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Servo Stabilizer -Single Phase
Servo Stabilizer -Single Phase

Single Phase Servo Stabilizer is a device which results in constant output voltage still there is certainly variance in input voltage when input voltage within for which it designed .Our offered products are the features of fast and reliable manner, 99.99% failure proof control circuit, highly protected with an Input and Output Low/high Voltage. We certainly have reached this position resulting from our technical strengths and a dedication to customer service . We have an experienced and expertise in the design and manufacture of standard range and bespoke products for any application and environment utilizing with the latest technology controllers.

Advantage :

  • It will automatically Corrects the voltage
  • Operate at high efficiency with constant Voltage.
  • Protests from High and Low Voltage
  • Increased Productivity
  • Highly helps to save Power
  • Input variation loading and the number of working hours
  • High energy saving capability

Application :

  • Information Technology and Call centers.
  • Computer and Micro-Processor Controlled Equipments.
  • Processors, Phototypesetters, Photographic Equipments, Photo Copiers and Packaging Industries.
  • Medical Equipments, X-Ray Machines, E.C.G. Machines I Monitors, MRI, CT Scans Etc.
  • Defence Installations, LPTs. HPTs, Broadcasting and Telecommunications.
  • Lifts, Escalators and Elevators.
  • Central Air-Conditioning Plants, Processing Plants, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries. . CNC Machines, Laser Machines and Molding Machines etc.
  • Commercial Buildings and Complexes.
  • Complexes Hospital and Nursing Homes.

Salient Features

  • High efficiency & Fast response.
  • Wide input voltage range trip conditions.
  • 99.99% failure proof control circuit.
  • No over under, shoots and hunting.
  • Less active component avoids failure ratings.
  • Special electronic circuit to operate on gensets.
  • No effect of power factor and frequency variations
  • Voltage at speed related to rate of fluctuations and avoids oscillations & hunting In ac motor drive.
  • Variable speed high torque ac servo motor proportionally controls corrections.
  • Separate isolated PCB for triac switching for motor.


  • Input and Output Low/high Voltage protection.
  • Phase rotation/single phasing preventer.
  • Input protection using Fuse/ mcb.
  • Output overload protection

Specification :

  • Parameter: Single phase aircooled
  • Capacity : 1 kva to 30 kva
  • Input voltage range:
  • Range i :100 - 270v
  • Range ii :140 - 270v
  • Range iii :170 - 270v
  • Output voltage : 230 v 1% (adjustable)
  • Working temperature : 0 to 50 c
  • Efficiency : 98% at nominal load

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